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Developing Deepwater Fields with Technology

We Rapidly Apply New Technologies to Enhance Our Performance

With our focused portfolio of assets – including  substantial deepwater exploration, production, development and drilling operations -- we push the limits of current technology and rapidly apply new technologies to enhance our performance.

We are continually developing the right technologies to achieve the best solutions. We have relied on our extensive technical capabilities to successfully develop many complex fields around the world, including deepwater assets in West Africa (Equatorial Guinea and Ghana), the Gulf of Mexico and Australia. We have established an industry-leading position by pioneering many new technology applications in our exploration and production, including:

  • First use of a free-standing compliant tower
  • First 15,000 psi subsea multi-well development
  • First deepwater application of Ocean Bottom Cable seismic acquisition technology

Meeting Challenges in the Gulf of Mexico

The Conger Field, a subsalt development about 125 miles southwest of New Orleans, offered field modeling challenges because seismic images were significantly distorted by overlying salt. Still, we produced first oil in 2000. Production from five subsea wells has been steady and prolific and each well has a cumulative production exceeding 13,000 barrels of oil equivalent.

Pioneering Advances in Subsea Tiebacks to Increase Reserves and Production

Subsea tiebacks connect new discoveries in deeper and more isolated fields to existing facilities – and we are helping to pioneer the technology to make them even more efficient and less expensive. Subsea tiebacks are an important part of our offshore strategy. They provide opportunities to increase reserves and production in areas that are often adjacent to other Hess assets.